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Matt Free

Matt loves designing simple solutions to complex problems. Coming from the nonprofit world, he knows what it’s like being stretched thin by wide-ranging responsibilities and aims to help alleviate the pressure of wearing many hats.

He is a certified Salesforce Administrator and Nonprofit Cloud Consultant, who has implemented CRM, program management, and development and fundraising solutions for nonprofits around the country. Whether you’re rolling out a customer-facing application, automating donor engagement processes, or centralizing your siloed customer data, Matt can help you get there.

Matt prioritizes user experience as the driver of adoption of new technology. He is keen to absorb sophisticated business processes and translate them into discrete action in Salesforce.

Fun Fact
He goes to Gen Con (the country’s largest board game convention!) every year and is definitely a board game geek. He likes to think the strategy that goes into winning at games helps make him better at his job.