Medhanie Habte

Medhanie is an 11-time Certified Salesforce Application Architect with over five years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem. He is dedicated to partnering with organizations to help them achieve success in their Salesforce Journey.

Medhanie’s experience with Salesforce is inspired by his more than a decade of work in the non profit sector, where he began as an accidental administrator and moved on up to consulting. Handling challenging Salesforce projects with care, candor, and precision, Medhanie specializes in the Non profit Success Pack, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, and Salesforce Platform.

Teamworks makes the dreamwork is one of many of Medhanie’s mottos. Medhanie is passionate about working with teams and partners to help solve everyday challenges and see organizations go above and beyond in their endeavors.

Fun Fact
A native of Los Angeles and the son of Eritrean immigrants, Medhanie ran the Los Angeles Marathon in 2016 and enjoys running, traveling, hiking and Salesforce Trailhead projects.