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Nathan Steele

Nathan Steele

Nathan Steele has worked in Customer Success for over 12 years, specifically focused on the SaaS industry. He will be working as a Client Success Manager at Prolocity, advocating for clients within the company and striving to ensure they receive an exceptional customer experience.


Having helped lead two companies through acquisitions, Nathan is an expert listener and solution builder, focused on helping companies fully outline and discover their struggles and frustrations. He then builds a roadmap to connect them to the perfect resources and solutions to streamline their processes and increase efficiencies. He directs all his attention toward the client’s needs, goals, and expectations, delivering a unique personalized experience for every client.


Nathan is deeply passionate about customer success. He has always been committed to helping people in need, believing that alleviating some pain or stress in their lives allows them to spend more time with their family, friends, or simply sleep better, which fulfills him. To achieve this, he loves brainstorming sessions and personal conversations to uncover the root of clients’ frustrations and then works together to find solution

Fun Fact

Nathan is a sucker for an alpine lake. Having grown up in Washington state, he is always seeking out a beautiful view, whether it be the Cascades or Glacier National Park. If he has free time, it’s spent hiking and hunting for views.