Nico Caracciolo

Nico has worked in the world of Salesforce for 4+ years and is 3x certified. Starting as an “accidental” Salesforce admin at a startup, he moved into consulting with Salesforce.

Nico is a certified Salesforce Administrator, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud Consultant and intends on adding the Non-Profit Cloud certification in the near future. He has the experience of working on a combination of large and small Salesforce implementation projects and brings the perspective of working on both sides of Salesforce.

Nico is passionate about working with clients to help them gain a full 360-degree view of their customers by creating effective solutions inside Salesforce.

Fun Fact
The most important and first meal of the day is Nico’s favorite. A self-proclaimed “Breakfast Food Lover,”  Nico previously worked on a breakfast food truck while in college.