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Stephanie Albuquerque

Stephanie Albuquerque

Stephanie has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for 4+ years, starting as an accidental admin in the nonprofit industry. After switching gears from nonprofit development to full-time Salesforce Administrator, she jumped to consulting and has been loving it every since! At Prolocity, she is excited to share her experience and knowledge with nonprofits around the country in her Consultant role.


Stephanie is well-versed in the business practices and values of nonprofits. She has worked deeply with 20+ nonprofit organizations to identify various definitions of impact. She has worked with Salesforce admins and end users of all skill levels and prides herself on her excellent communication and relationship-building skills. Stephanie is an expert at bringing together her love of data with her people skills. Stephanie holds 4 Salesforce certifications and is constantly seeking new areas of learning. Her only conundrum is what certification to work towards next!


Stephanie enjoys work that allows her to solve problems from beginning to end, and seeing the positive impact that Salesforce can have on nonprofits. She is passionate about making Salesforce as user-friendly and efficient as possible, so that end users can focus on making a difference outside of Salesforce. Her favorite nonprofits to work with are human services organizations that support underserved populations.

Fun Fact

In her free time, you can find Stephanie playing with her foster cat, Winnie, or catching up on the latest reality TV episode!