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Topher Joyce

Topher graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2018 with his BA in Communication and a Certificate in Public Relations. As the Senior Marketing and Administrative Specialist of Prolocity, he is serving both marketing efforts and internal processes. 

From managing salons throughout college to helping publish an Amazon best-selling book, he has thrived in front of and behind the scenes in various positions.

A simple statement from his grandmother has turned into a passion for Topher. “Make It Happen.” Nothing brings Topher more joy than accomplishing a major project and hitting the ground running on the next!

Fun Fact
Topher released a portfolio album in 2016 of his original piano compositions titled, “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy.”  As a self-taught pianist lacking the ability to read or write sheet music, it was the right time and place in college for him to produce a piece of work to share with others. Also the convenience of when friends and family would request him to play, he can now tell them to just go put on their headphones!