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Tyler Macdonald

Tyler MacDonald

Tyler has been working in the Salesforce ecosystem for just over two years and is 3x certified. He started out in an Admin role for a higher Ed nonprofit, before transitioning to the consulting world. He is passionate about developing simplified solutions for complex problems.

Tyler is a certified Salesforce Administrator and Sales Cloud Consultant with a strong interest in process automation. Prior to his career in the Salesforce world, he has worked in a variety of fields and understands many common pain points experienced by the end-user. He has worked on both large and small projects for clients in many industries.

Tyler is passionate about building meaningful solutions that are immediately impactful for the end-user.

Fun Fact
One of Tyler’s first professional jobs was building and installing traditional Pipe Organs for churches and universities around the country. Many of these organs were two stories tall and would take nearly a year to build!