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New Nonprofit Cloud Webinar

New Nonprofit Cloud

Discover New Nonprofit Cloud: A Client's Perspective

Prolocity and Salesforce have launched the first-ever new Nonprofit Cloud implementation! Join us for an upcoming webinar to learn how this new technology is solving one of the most common challenges in the nonprofit sector: disconnected systems.

Imagine a world where you have a 360° view of all program operations. Where documenting interactions and providing personalized case management is seamless, even on your mobile device. Utilizing Salesforce Inbox, new program management tools, and case-tracking capabilities, are just some ways in which you will witness exponential growth in impact on your community.

Join us in exploring the transformative impact of the NEW Nonprofit Cloud alongside our client, Georgia Baptist Mission Board, whose mission is to support more than 3,400 pastors, ministry leaders, and churches with encouragement, resources, and training. 

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Register Here!

Meet The Speakers

Jeremy Donelan

Jeremy Donelan

- Nonprofit Practice Lead, Prolocity

Jeremy is a 5x certified Salesforce Consultant with over a decade of nonprofit experience. He leads our nonprofit practice and is passionate about helping clients leverage Salesforce to get the most out of their investment. His innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to driving success have made him a trusted advisor in the industry.

Joe Outlaw, Georgie Baptist

Joe Outlaw

- Salesforce Admin, GBMB

Joe Outlaw is not your typical Salesforce Administrator, but he is a big fan of Salesforce as a dynamic tool. Having served in manufacturing for fifteen years prior to answering a vocational call to support church and church partnered ministries over the past twenty years, Joe is passionate about building a strong trellis for fruitful ministry. As a long-time Human Resources champion, Joe has helped build support processes for World-Class entities such as Milliken and Company and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. “People matter most. Building systems that drive toward a more effective and productive team member, team, and organization is pure joy for me.” Joe currently serves the Georgia Baptist Mission Board from his role in HR, with opportunities outside of the traditional HR scope to marry a “Psalm 78:72” approach to organizational progress via integrity of heart and skillfulness of hands. Joe is part of a project team that just launched Salesforce in August, working closely with Prolocity throughout the ideation and implementation process.

Tara Cobb

Tara Cobb

- Salesforce Consultant, Prolocity

With 5x Salesforce Certifications, Tara is a subject matter leading expert on Nonprofit Cloud Programs and Case Management. Tara is passionate about delivering solutions and empowering clients to make a meaningful impact in their communities.