New Salesforce Pardot Developments Aiding In B2B Sales

Since the Salesforce Pardot partnership began roughly two years ago, sales in the business-to-business world has seen widespread success for businesses and their customers across the board. Recently, Salesforce Pardot has developed new systems to enhance the lead generation and management system and one of these new developments is Intelligent Engagement Studio, a program implementing viewable, interactive records and data. Intelligent Engagement Studio will use 100 different ‘triggers’ to help identify and narrow down the most quality leads. This will also help with getting a more detailed report on the progression of campaigns. If an email has not been viewed enough times, the program will make suggestions like making the subject line of an email shorter or to simply send emails less frequently. Another small feature of Intelligent Engagement Studio is color coding, to make reports and campaign analytics easier to view and organize.

A second feature coming to Salesforce Pardot is Sales Cloud Engage. Sales Cloud Engage will implement a mobile-friendly, real-time system that will allow salespeople to see in depth reports and results from their campaigns, add a prospect to an active campaign right from their phone, and have a more efficient relationship with their prospects throughout the sales cycle. With Salesforce Pardot, Sales Cloud Engage will enable the interactions between salespeople and their customers to become more simplified, personalized, & relevant.

Salesforce Pardot has developed more and more ways to enrich the business world and with these two new programs, Intelligent Engagement Studio and Sales Cloud Engage, that experience will continue to flourish. With Salesforce Pardot, businesses can employ seemingly limitless options to complement their salespeople and prospects. Whether its the integrated, detailed analytics of Intelligent Engagement Studio, the real-time marketing tools of Sales Cloud Engage or simply using Salesforce Pardot, each new program utilized will continue to assist businesses from every angle, making B2B relationships better than ever.

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