During the Season of Giving, Give Back with Pledge 1%

As Salesforce partners, Prolocity is always looking for ways to enhance the customer experience. This week, Prolocity is focusing on Pledge 1%. Pledge 1% is a movement encouraging companies to cultivate a culture of giving back. Several companies have already taken the pledge such as Salesforce and SPCA. Pledge 1% asks companies to donate 1% of equity, product, and/or time.

1% Equity

One of the ways you can donate through Pledge 1% is by pledging 1% of equity. Pledge 1% encourages companies to donate equity to any organization of their choosing. They make it as easy as filling out an allocation form that allows Pledge 1% to pass along 100% of the cash value of the equity or profit allocated to the nonprofit chosen. The allocation It can be changed at any time and Pledge 1% will provide ideas of nonprofits in your community. To provide an example, Salesforce uses 1% of founding stock to offer grants focused on technology innovation in nonprofits and development programs.

1% Product

Another way you can give back through Pledge 1% is by pledging 1% of product. Whether this means a physical product or service your company provides, the idea is to provide the product for free or at a deeply discounted rate to nonprofits. There are a multitude of ways that products can be donated. For example, Salesforce facilitates the donation of up to 10 licenses per company through their foundation to nonprofit organizations. This means that 10 users can use Salesforce for free, no strings attached. A simple application is all that is needed to get started in the program.

1% Time

The last way you can donate through Pledge 1% is by pledging 1% of time. By implementing and promoting a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) policy at your company, you can encourage employees to donate time giving back to the community. Several companies use a blended approach of offering both corporate and non-corporate volunteer days. This helps foster a giving culture by allowing employees to donate corporate time to support a cause they are passionate about. Some companies even offer programs that match employee volunteer efforts with corporate dollars. As an example, Salesforce employees are awarded 6 paid days of volunteer time to use over the course of a year.

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