Prolocity Selected as Salesforce Managed Services Provider

Prolocity is proud to announce that we have been formally selected to be part of the Salesforce Managed Services Provider Program! Having been a trusted implementation and managed services partner for the last twelve years, our team is excited to be included in this strategic program and to build upon the impact our clients see from our support.

As an enterprise cloud platform and the technological powerhouse behind many of our world’s largest organizations, Salesforce has continued to evolve into a platform capable of managing business operations end to end. Many organizations using Salesforce rely on an internal Administrator to maintain and support the technology and their users; however, the necessary skill sets to effectively manage Salesforce have evolved over the years, and organizations are quickly looking for more robust support. Salesforce Managed Services is a flexible, comprehensive solution to manage and grow with Salesforce and can be uniquely designed to meet your organizational needs. 

Managed Services include but are not limited to 6 categories: Administration Services, Support Services, Release & Change Services, Developer & Integration Services, Analytical Services, and AppExchange App Management. The table below lists the definitions of managed services.

Engagement types of Managed Services

As Salesforce continues to innovate and grow its user base, the need for trusted, impactful professional support services only strengthens. In light of this announcement, we wanted to highlight the benefits of a managed services provider and overview how Prolocity can help take your organization to the next level with Salesforce.

“Prolocity is excellent at working with the customer and understanding their need. The team takes the time to evaluate a situation, then recommends best practices for the long term. They are very responsive to needs and able to pivot as things come up”. -Katie, ChildBridge

Why a Managed Services Provider?

  • Save Time: Organizations with an “accidental'' partial administrator or no administrator at all are often structured that way due to resource limitations or a lean team mentality. A managed services partnership can save hours of valuable time through proactive support, letting team members get back to their top priorities.

  • Access Top Expertise: Trusted partners and their consultants bring a wide range of product and industry expertise. Gaining access to a full team of experts provides a diverse pool of skill sets to lean on. Strategic partners focus on the “why” before the “how,” advocate for best practices, and know when to leverage the right tools and people at the right time.

  • Leverage Valuable Experience: With over 300 years of combined experience between our team members, and over 175+ Salesforce certifications, partners like Prolocity are fortunate to have a team of consultants who have spent much of their careers helping clients leverage the power of Salesforce. The lessons and knowledge gained through consistently engaging in different use cases allows experienced consultants to quickly identify challenges or roadblocks (immediate or future), provide both business process and technology consultation, and more efficiently accomplish your roadmap.
    • P.S. Experienced consultants also often leverage direct industry experience through previous roles; for example, our Nonprofit Practice Leader Jeremy Donelan was previously The Associate Director of Operations for a national nonprofit focused on Education Administration Programs based in NYC.

  • Choose the Right Investment: Salesforce Administrators offer a unique set of skills and require an appropriate investment to compensate for their knowledge and efforts. While a full-time Administrator maintains a consistent level of effort month to month, Salesforce management and enhancement activities (and their related level of effort) evolve over time. A managed services provider can offer flexible support that adjusts in accordance with the Salesforce roadmap and an organization’s user base, helping to ensure resources are effectively allocated and that your organization can best maximize its ROI on Salesforce.

"Marci Noonan at Prolocity is AMAZING! She really understood what we needed and would find a way to accomplish our goals." - Janna, International Society of Primerus Law Firms

Salesforce Benefits:

  • Strategic Planning: Experienced managed services providers can not only benefit your organization through Salesforce customization and configuration. In fact, the value of the partnership extends far beyond the buttons behind the scenes. To truly drive digital transformation, a managed services provider can execute strategic roadmaps in accordance with business goals, identifying when to leverage new tools or enhancements, how to prioritize those enhancements with potential roadblocks, and how to maintain ongoing user adoption. 
  • Proactive Administration: With Salesforce being an ever-changing platform, organizations are tasked with keeping up with the latest updates and releases in addition to keeping up with their roadmap. By handing over the reins to a managed services provider, organizations can rest easy knowing seasonal releases, health checks, data backups, and more are in capable hands. 
  • Effective, Efficient Enhancements: By locking arms with your organization, a managed services provider can undergo what it takes to fully vet and plan for Salesforce enhancements and updates, making sure every change is completed with best practices in mind (and preventing future headaches). Better yet, experience often lends to a reduced level of effort meaning enhancements are achieved at an even faster pace. If something unexpected comes up, organizations know they have a trusted team to jump in and quickly provide the support they need.


While Prolocity has been a trusted managed service provider for many of our clients over the years, the announcement from Salesforce is a proud badge for us to wear and we are eager to continue supporting our existing clients and new partnerships in the coming years. Wherever your organization is today in its Salesforce journey, we’d love to talk. Learn how Prolocity can help support your organization with PROserve by filling out the form below and contacting us today!


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