Team Member Appreciation Day

At Prolocity, we are dedicated to growing a company that personifies People-First in everything we do.  With the many challenges brought on by the pandemic and team members located throughout the country, it has become more important than ever to instill a sense of unity and camaraderie amongst our team.  To help support this People-First vision, each year we set out to plan a Team Member Appreciation Day that will be even more memorable than the last.  

This year, our team gathered together for fun, togetherness, and adventure. It was a (Covid-friendly) day of celebration, filled with activities throughout the city, great Cincinnati-inspired food (thanks to Montgomery Inn, Skyline, and Bakersfield), team gifts, and most importantly, fellowship.  This special day has proven to be a great time for our team to connect on a deeper level (outside of our daily routine) and to develop mutually respectful working relationships.  Our incredible team couldn’t be more deserving of a day to spend celebrating their continued success! 

The day began at Smale Park, directly across the river from the Prolocity Office. Jill Kohrs, Director of People First & Culture, led a few ice breaker games that were sure to provide entertainment. One game consisted of handing out individual song lyrics to team members. Each team member had to sing their song lyric until they found their group of 5 fellow members that had the same song -- think, a group of penguins in a national geographic documentary. Each group was given 2 minutes of rehearsal to present their song to the group. Songs included hits such as "Don't Stop Believing" by  Journey, "My Heart Will Go on" by Celine Dion, and Cyndi Lauper's, "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". Needless to say, laughter and applause ensued as the groups sang or lip-synced. Following the ice breaker games, the team voyaged a short walk up to the Cincinnati Streetcar to ride to Washington Park.

Once at Washington Park, a multipurpose reserved bar area was awaiting the team. The weather was a perfect blend of 64 degrees and partly cloudy. More games including multiple sets of corn hole, giant Jenga, and giant horseshoe were displayed across the private fenced-in portion of the park. The team then was served a buffet-style lunch of Cincinnati Favorites. This included all the fixings a taco could ever need from Bakersfield -- picture guacamole being so extra, you know it's worth it!  A selection of sliders and sides were available from the infamous Montgomery Inn including smoked pork and chicken -- if you're lucky enough to live near a Kroger-owned grocery store, search for a bottle, you won't regret it!  Finally, no Cincinnati feast can be complete without Skyline Chili.

Here, a strong sense of comradery took over that felt like being home for the holidays. Team members were able to dive into 1-1 conversations that were absent of a planned invite on a Google calendar. It was surreal to see the team connecting and relaxing in what felt like dream weather in the middle of the day. 1:30 PM rolled around, and it was time for everyone to make their way downtown and back onto the Streetcar.

After getting off at the furthest south stop of the Cincinnati Streetcar, the team walked the Taylor Southgate bridge to Newport, Kentucky. Steps from the bridge is where you will find the home of BB Riverboats, a fleet of bright red and white steam engine boats iconic to the Ohio River. The team embarked on a 90-minute scenic tour of Cincinnati and neighboring areas. Surprises of Graeter's Ice Cream (one of Oprah’s favorite things) and Prolocity branded swag items were given out. Once the tour commenced and the boat was docked, the day was ready for its final stop at a happy hour hosted at Hofbräuhaus, a German food and beer hall paying homage to the founding and history of Cincinnati. Snitlzes, pretzels, and bratwurst paired with pints of Oktoberfest went on into the evening. The team was the best kind of tired -- worn out from a day of catching up, laughing, and enjoying each other's company outside of a day of typical work.


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Every year, we aim to make each milestone bigger and better than the last. Be it business or an annual party, the planning can't help but begin as soon as the last event ends. Discussions are already underway to determine how we can top this year. We know that we want to unite the team in a way that we haven't done before, and that may involve an entirely new change of scenery. As our team has grown, our shared sense of location has as well. Who knows, Nashville? St. Louis? Chicago? No matter where we end up, familiar faces will meet with all the new faces expected in the coming year and descend upon a space that will serve as another reminder of why we practice putting People-First, in all that we do.


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