Who We Are

What We Do Best

Prolocity is a National Salesforce partner headquartered in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. We help businesses and non-profits fully leverage the Salesforce Platform to turbocharge sales, marketing, and service delivery, while improving overall communications and operational efficiencies. The benefits include sales process efficiencies, increased lead generation, enhanced lead & opportunity conversion rates, and improved management insights.

Prolocity’s delivers a highly integrated approach to automating Sales, Marketing, Service Delivery, Project Management, HR, Finance & Accounting, Productivity, and Mobile. All of our solutions empower our clients to work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

As a leading Salesforce partner, our team of experts deliver strategy, implementation, training, user adoption, Salesforce optimization, and ongoing Salesforce administration & support services.

How We Deliver Results

Prolocity measures success based on client satisfaction, and we deliver on this promise by being excellent communicators, utilizing proven project management tools and methodologies, and creating strong value in each client engagement. As a testament to this focus, Prolocity maintains one of the highest client satisfaction ratings in our region, based on client reviews on the Salesforce AppExchange. We understand that every business investment must be supported by tangible results, and we believe that clients deserve predictable results. Therefore, everything we do focuses on delivering just that, results.

Our Approach

Organizations often attempt to implement new software solutions without clearly defining their desired outcomes, and how success will be measured. Prolocity has developed a unique process that ensures ALL factors that impact results, including user adoption, are taken into account throughout each engagement. Our process starts with understanding the unique characteristics of your organization:

  • Your Purpose: What is your organization’s vision, mission, strategy, culture, and passion? What are your organization’s unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
  • Your People: Who are the key players that make up your team and what are their individual insights, challenges, and strengths?
  • Your Processes: What tools and processes are currently in place to manage each functional area of your organization?

Whether your organization has specific business automation needs, or you want to gain an understanding of all that is possible with cloud-based software solutions, Prolocity is committed to delivering an exceptional client experience, measurable results, and a competitive advantage.