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Don't Waste Your Salesforce Investment Webinar

Don't Waste Your Salesforce Investment Webinar

Is your organization's Salesforce investment delivering the results you expected? If your organization finds itself lacking the expertise and resources to maximize its potential with Salesforce, you're not alone. We understand the challenges you face, and that's why we're excited to invite you to our upcoming webinar.

Regardless of the Salesforce products you're utilizing, this webinar serves as your gateway to uncovering how minor adjustments and improvements can result in substantial time and cost savings. In collaboration with Abre and School For Field Studies, we'll provide you with the best practices and strategies you need to improve your ROI and ensure that Salesforce evolves seamlessly with your growing organization. 

Join Prolocity’s PROserve Managed Services webinar on October 5th to learn:

  • How other organizations are using Salesforce to ensure consistent growth
  • Plans to utilize generative AI in your business processes to do more with less
  • Strategies for change management and leadership investment in Salesforce
  • Ideas for increasing efficiency to save time and money
  • Ways Prolocity’s PROserve Managed Services can provide expertise, training, and best practice guidance for optimal ROI

We’re excited to give away a free Salesforce Assessment to one organization considering working with Prolocity who attends the webinar! All current Prolocity clients who attend will have free access to our Winter ’23 PROserve Seasonal Release webinar.

PROserve Salesforce Managed Services offers a proactive consultative approach to deliver on our goal to help every client achieve digital transformation. Our team of experts takes the complexity out of managing your Salesforce systems, ensuring seamless operations, solid ROI, and continuous growth. Elevate your business confidence and focus on what truly matters – achieving your goals.

School For Field Studies, Prolocity and Abre

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Meet The Speakers

Kelly Havens, Abre

Kelley Havens

- Finance & Operations Executive, Abre

Fueled by helping technology companies maximize their growth and impact opportunities, Kelly has spent 15 years leading finance and operations teams at some of the most successful organizations. As a native to the Pacific Northwest, Kelly enjoys staying active outdoors with her family and enjoying a good glass of wine while reading a great book.

Darren Childs, School For Fields Studies

Darren Childs

- Director of Global IT, The School For Field Studies

Hailing from Colorado, Darren has spent most of his life 8500 ft. above in the Rockies and has a deep appreciation for the outdoors and the importance of conservation. When he’s not out riding his mountain bike, skiing, or climbing a rock, you’ll find him solving tech quandaries and managing projects for SFS. He works closely with each center and the SFS team to ensure the usability and security of our supporting technologies. Darren prides himself on not being “your typical IT guy” and enjoys bringing levity and a righteous beard to the workplace.

Nick Lyndon, Prolocity

Nick Lyndon

- PROserve Practice Lead, Prolocity

Nick is a 12X Certified Sr. Salesforce Consultant with 15+ years of experience. He has implemented CRM, program management, and development and fundraising solutions for nonprofits around the country. Nick loves to help both nonprofit and for-profit organizations use Salesforce to make an impact for good in our world.

Kat Rolley, Prolocity

Kat Rolley

- Client Success Manager, Prolocity

Katherine has 15+ years of experience in Relationship Management and Strategic Account roles. A technology advocate, she is passionate about process optimization and utilizes her commercial experience to bring valuable insights and recommendations to our clients. A great communicator, Katherine is an expert at navigating complex needs to identify creative solutions.

Terry Henretty, Prolocity

Terry Henretty

- Salesforce Consultant, Prolocity

Terry has been working with Salesforce for over 15 years including over 5 years as a Salesforce admin. As a Salesforce admin, Terry has helped companies by automating business processes to improve efficiencies and leverage best practices to get the most out of the platform while minimizing technical debt.