Strategic Salesforce Support


Looking for strategic Salesforce managed services and support? At Prolocity, we are committed to guiding and empowering our clients throughout their Salesforce journey. We know that every client is unique with specific objectives and challenges, and we seek to meet each client where their need is. By being thoughtful and strategic about how to best leverage the technology, we help our clients achieve the maximum return on their Salesforce investment.

After working with hundreds of clients for over a decade, we understand that organizations often lack access to the right level of support and specialized skills needed to ensure this long-term success with Salesforce. Understanding how to leverage the power of your Salesforce environment is just as important as the technology itself -- and that’s why we created PROserve, our managed services and support offering. We are here to get you the Salesforce help you need!

With PROserve, you get access to Prolocity’s expert team of Salesforce consultants, developers, and architects, with 170+ certifications. Complementary to Salesforce Premier Support, PROserve offers a proactive consultative approach to deliver on our goal to help every client achieve digital transformation. Our team of committed, passionate people is here to help you evolve your Salesforce instance to gain a competitive advantage!

Get a free consultation today to learn how you might optimize your Salesforce experience and propel your ROI to new heights.


How do you know if you are ready for PROserve's Salesforce support and managed services? Are you:

  • Desiring to grow your impact by leveraging the world's #1 CRM
  • Worrying about maximizing your ROI
  • Struggling and stressed about managing Salesforce
  • Wanting to save time & money
  • Intending to lead the way in changing the world in your sector
  • Needing to grow revenue, serve clients, and share impact
  • Wishing your team would adopt and use Salesforce effectively
  • Longing for experts to proactively guide you to success

It's time to join the many PROserve clients who are delighted by the transformative benefits they are receiving from Prolocity’s managed services. They now have renewed vision for what they can do to grow with Salesforce so their team can serve energetically and they can grow their impact. Every day, we are helping nonprofits and businesses focused on elevating others to propel their Salesforce ROI to new heights so they can be more effective at leading the way in changing the world.


Salesforce is a powerful tool, but to harness its full potential, you need a personalized strategy and ongoing support.

Our Salesforce Managed Services provides expert guidance with seasoned Salesforce professionals who understand the intricacies of the platform and can offer personalized solutions for your business.

We tailor a solution to address your unique business needs and and long-term vision to help you maximize your Salesforce investment while minimizing costs.

We ensure our solutions can grow with your business, adapting to changing requirements and ensuring long-term success.

We strategically oversee your instance, provide personalized recommendations for optimizing Salesforce, implement enhancements, review progress, and guide you on your digital transformation journey.

Say goodbye to Salesforce challenges and hello to a more efficient, productive, and profitable future.

Our Proserve Support Services


As your organization grows, your Salesforce should support new processes, facilitating growth. In a Partner plan, we walk with you proactively and consistently, ensuring Salesforce enhancements strategically support your company's growth. We will meet with you regularly to prioritize your long-term goals and assist with everyday changes. With PROserve Partner, you’ll have access to:

- Dedicated Support Team
- Proactive Growth Guidance
- Regular Proactive Check-ins
- Strategic Assessment and Roadmapping
- Client Success Manager


Move Salesforce forward at your pace with expert support you can trust. PROserve Connect is a subscription support service perfect for on-demand Salesforce fixes or escalated issues. We can provide training or expertise outside of your team's abilities through our support ticket system or discuss any challenges you may be experiencing with your instance. With PROserve Connect, you’ll have access to:

- Client Success Manager
- Support Ticket Requests
- Process Reviews
- Admin training, office hours, release updates, and more!

Find out if you are ready for PROserve managed services & support:

Best Upon Request

"Prolocity is excellent at working with the customer and understanding their need. The team takes the time to evaluate a situation, then recommend best practices for the long term. They are very responsive to needs and able to pivot as things come up!”

-Katie, ChildBridge