Salesforce Analytics Cloud Is 2015’s Next Big Platform

Companies are finding that their employees need to stay productive while away from their desk to keep up with things like, connecting with partners, engaging potential new leads, and taking care of business on the fly. Imagine if you were able to reach all of your analytics information from wherever you may be and whenever you need it? has launched the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, powered by Wave to achieve just that. This Analytics Cloud was built to work with or without Salesforce1 mobile app to make your CRM software more mobile. You can Measure, Group, Filter, View and Share your data with just a few finger taps on your phone, making your data work for you and not against you. has developed this cloud-based mobile software to be reliable, with no hardware glitches, and allows you to send your information five times faster than the competition.

The awesomeness doesn’t stop there. Three new features to the Salesforce Analytics Cloud are expected to launch this month. The Wave Mobile Connector, Wave Mobile Dashboard, and Wave Links. The Wave Mobile Connector helps users import a raw data file and transform it into interactive visualizations that can be explored instantly. The Wave Mobile Dashboard can create analytic dashboards using any data source. The Wave Links allows you to embed links into any Salesforce record or custom objects that takes them to a specific visualization.

With all of these great new enhancements with the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, there is no more waiting until you are back at the office to run reports. Now, you will have this information right at your fingertips. Prolocity provides cloud advisory and technology services to businesses and non-profits. Our cloud consultants deliver strategy, design, implementation, training, and optimization services.

Prolocity is a national Salesforce Partner providing cloud advisory, implementation, and support services to businesses and non-profits. Our cloud consultants deliver strategy, design, development, implementation, training, and optimization services.



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