Salesforce Announces New Nonprofit Cloud

It's official! With the recent announcement, Salesforce has formally launched a new Nonprofit Cloud solution that will unite programs, fundraising, engagement, and outcomes for greater impact. The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) that thousands of Nonprofit organizations currently operate on will continue to be supported, while the new Nonprofit Cloud solution will offer enhanced, industry-targeted solutions with greater opportunities for expansion and innovation. Whether your organization is an existing NPSP customer or evaluating Salesforce for the first time, as a trusted Salesforce partner, Prolocity is here to help keep you in the know with this exciting transformation!

What To Know

  1. The NEW Nonprofit Cloud product is built directly into the core Salesforce platform instead of utilizing installed packages like the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). 
  2. Salesforce launched the New Nonprofit Cloud today with Programs and Case Management and will add Outcomes, Engagement, and Fundraising later this year.
  3. Salesforce convened with partners and your Nonprofit peers to build industry-targeted solutions addressing four Nonprofit priorities: 
    1. Deliver powerful programs through programs and case management
    2. Grow fundraising income with data intelligence and insights 
    3. Know and expand your community with personalized experiences
    4. Measure, learn from, and share the impact

Key Features:

  • Omnistudio: A set of configuration-based digital engagement tools that can be used to create a guided, customized user experience and simplify complex business use cases.
  • Client Profile: Updates to the Client Profile through the Actionable Relationship Center allow users to track more nuanced relationships for clients. A new timeline view allows every member of a case team to see all key events for clientsSalesforce New Nonprofit Cloud
  • Enhanced Benefit tracking: New functionality to allow for reporting on benefit metrics, regardless of which program a client is in.
  • Enhanced Intakes: A guided flow to take clients from referral to intake. The new functionality allows assessments to be added to the intake process at any time and appear in the progress steps, empowering users to know what they need when they need it. 
  • Dynamic Assessments: A new, enhanced guided flow allows users to easily fill out assessments, while questions in the assessment form update dynamically based on answers to previous questions in the form. Users can then quickly upload appropriate files within the context of the assessment.

What About Existing NPSP users?

Don't fret. As a close partner of Salesforce, the Prolocity team is here to help. If your organization is operating on the NPSP, rest assured: NPSP is NOT going away. It is used by thousands of organizations, and Salesforce will maintain support for the existing Nonprofit products like NPSP, Nonprofit Cloud Case Management, the Program Management Module, and more. 

Now What? 

Whether your organization uses Salesforce today or is planning to move to Salesforce in the future, Prolocity is here to help navigate the best path forward for your organization based on the new and existing offerings. We are already in discussions with clients about Salesforce’s New Nonprofit Cloud, and we will be offering office hours starting next month! Please reach out to let us know if you’re interested and we’ll keep you in the loop!


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