Salesforce AppExchange Apps Make Business A Snap

Run your business with the snap of your fingers using powerful apps from the Salesforce AppExchange. Today business is around the clock, on the road, and in the cloud. Businesses are using apps to make work easier every day. If your company uses the world’s leading cloud-based CRM platform, Salesforce, check out the Salesforce AppExchange. The apps in the marketplace are pre-integrated with Salesforce and updates are done automatically and hassle-free. Some of the apps in the Salesforce AppExchange can be instantly accessed from mobile devices including wearable devices such as the Apple Watch.

A few apps I have had the pleasure of working with are MailChimp and TinderBox.

MailChimp is a wonderful app to easily create visually enticing emails (and plain text too if need be).  It works seamlessly with Salesforce so you can create email lists by lead type, lead status, industry, etc., and track how many emails were opened, forwarded, bounced, and unsubscribed. It helps you target your emails using advanced analytics with plenty of reporting options. Know what time of day most emails were opened and the open rates for that campaign, as well as if they clicked on any links you might have included in the email. I am only grazing the surface of what this app can do for your business. For more information click here…MailChimp.

TinderBox is another app I have been working closely with. It’s a handy app for generating electronic proposals, online presentations, and creating documents. You can create templates to resource when you need to generate a proposal quickly, or you can create one on the fly. Since it integrates so well with Salesforce it can merge fields directly into the proposal such as the contact name, account name, account logo, and the opportunity dollar value to name a few. Once this is created a link to the proposal can be shared. This allows the decision-maker to view, ask a question, and hopefully accept the proposal. It even has electronic signature functionality. For more information check out the app here…TinderBox

Apps are transforming the way we do business by making your work life easier and in a snap. Find all the apps you need on the Salesforce AppExchange or get answers from us at Prolocity. Prolocity provides cloud advisory technology services to businesses and nonprofits. Find us on the AppExchange here…Prolocity.

Prolocity is a national Salesforce Partner providing cloud advisory, implementation, and support services to businesses and non-profits. Our cloud consultants deliver strategy, design, development, implementation, training, and optimization services.



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