Salesforce Lightning Enhances the CRM Experience

The release of Salesforce Winter ‘16 introduces new enhancements to cloud technology. Perhaps the most anticipated enhancement is Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce Lightning provides built-in best practices that are accessible on any device. The Lightning best practices reinvent Salesforce with a modern user interface, proactive sales intelligence, and a customizable Salesforce platform.

Modern User Interface

The new user interface delivers a modern approach and puts the most important information front and center. Three new features were added that display upon login:  quarterly performance, account insights, and assistant. Quarterly performance integrates data from Salesforce to provide a quick snapshot of your company’s performance for the quarter. Account insights displays relevant articles about your top accounts to foster deeper customer relationships. Assistant shows items that need attention such as open tasks, new leads, or opportunities with no action.

Proactive Sales Intelligence

Proactive sales intelligence takes data analytics a step further with new tools and functionality. The new feature Pipeline arranges all opportunities on one page. This allows for better visibility and provides a high-level overview without running any reports. Proactive Sales Intelligence makes updating the opportunity status easier than ever with drag and drop technology. The Salesforce automation allows you to change an opportunity status simply by clicking it and moving it to the next stage.

Customizable Platform

Salesforce Lightning provides additional customization. Both Sales Path and Dashboards benefit from the advanced functionality. In Sales Path, each stage of the deal can be standardized according to your needs. Not only does this provide consistency, but it also allows quick and easy onboarding of new reps. New features were added to show recent activity related to the opportunity, show relevant files, and allow you to take notes on the same page as the opportunity. In Dashboards, there is a new capability that allows you to create up to nine columns instead of the previous three.
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