Celebrating One Year of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

It's been an exhilarating year since Salesforce launched Nonprofit Cloud, a time that seems to have flown by amidst a whirlwind of learning, adapting, and exploring the vast potential of this innovative tool. The introduction of Nonprofit Cloud into the Salesforce ecosystem initially stirred a mix of excitement and skepticism within the nonprofit community. 

Many of us were left pondering how this new tool would reshape the landscape of nonprofit operations, fundraising, and program operations. As we celebrate this one-year milestone, it's the perfect opportunity to look back at what we've learned and to anticipate the future developments we're most excited about.

As an early adopter of Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud - we have some tips and tricks we’d like to share with you!

Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Cloud Unlocks Countless Capabilities

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the new bells and whistles Nonprofit Cloud has to offer, we’ve done the work so you don’t have to! Here are some of our favorite capabilities of the new cloud offerings:

Supercharged Fundraising Tools

  • NPSP was focused on giving fundraisers the tools to manage operations, but now Major Gift officers finally have the capabilities to supercharge their individual fundraising efforts. Gift officers can now see their entire portfolio and take action on one screen, making complex high-touch giving easier to manage.
  • Advanced segmentation, source code tracking, and tools to help fundraisers monitor mass market contributions will enhance online giving and direct mail strategies.
  • Gift processing, donor support, and stewardship involve a multitude of tasks and upkeep! A new batch gift entry tool and guided flows make it easier for fundraising staff to manage day-to-day operations.

Enhanced Program & Case Management

  • Organizations often struggle with planning and delivering programs in one place. Case Managers can now save time with streamlined tools for benefit delivery and participant tracking
  • Screening clients for eligibility often involves lots of paperwork and manual processes. Dynamic Assessments offer a scalable solution to enable organizations to manage their intake and assessment forms, using conditional logic and a framework for measuring clients' progress over time.
  • Up until now, program and case managers have had capabilities to manage their program operations, but Nonprofit Cloud takes program management to the next level with new Outcome Management capabilities to determine the effectiveness of progress and easily share results with donors and funders.

AI-powered CRM

  • So long to the days of manually segmenting lists in Excel. Einstein for Nonprofits enables organizations to tailor their fundraising strategies more effectively, focusing their efforts on the most promising prospects and channels.
  • By leveraging predictive analytics, nonprofits can forecast trends, donor behavior, and the potential success of fundraising campaigns.

Our Nonprofit Cloud Experience

Over 1,000 Hours of Learning

In collaboration with Salesforce Solution Engineers, Product Managers, and our peers, we've developed a suite of best practices, decision guides, and accelerated solutions. Our goal has been to enable clients to leverage the value of Nonprofit Cloud more rapidly.

13 Nonprofit Cloud Implementations

Following the launch of Nonprofit Cloud in March 2022, our team quickly mastered the platform's offerings for nonprofits. By September, we achieved the ecosystem’s first-ever Nonprofit Cloud implementation with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board. Since then, we’ve worked with a range of organizations, from small nonprofits to enterprise clients, and even some NPSP-to-NPC migrations, across the following domains:

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud Clients


  • 9 of them involved programs and case management
  • 5 involved fundraising
  • 5 involved Marketing Cloud
  • 4 involved Experience Cloud
  • 2 involved Tableau
  • 1 involved Data Cloud

A Leap Towards Fundraising Efficiency

Since our initial implementation, we have embarked on nearly a dozen Nonprofit Cloud projects. Our experiences led to the creation of the Foundational Fundraising Accelerator, designed to get organizations operational with Nonprofit Cloud Fundraising within just four weeks.

Salesforce Conferences and Webinars

In October, we highlighted the Georgia Baptist Mission Board’s successful Nonprofit Cloud launch. During a webinar, they shared how they centralized their system to better manage ministries and provide personalized support to their network of pastors. Learn more about their journey and watch the webinar here! 

Additionally, we participated in the Commons Community Sprint and the Nonprofit Dreamin’ Conference in Chicago. These events allowed us to demonstrate Nonprofit Cloud's capabilities in enhancing the efficiency of the referral and intake process for our clients in Human Services.

We also had the privilege of training a team of Salesforce Solution Engineers in our best practices. This enabled them to address some of the most significant challenges faced by social service agencies, including complex intake processes, benefits tracking, and federal compliance.


In just one year since its launch, Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud has emerged as a game-changer, offering innovative solutions to longstanding challenges in the nonprofit community. Through our journey of learning, implementation, and collaboration, we have witnessed firsthand the transformative power of Nonprofit Cloud in driving fundraising efficiency and program effectiveness. As we celebrate this milestone, we are excited to continue our partnership with nonprofits, sharing best practices and accelerating impact with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

About The Author:

Salesforce Consultant

Tara Cobb is a Lead Consultant and Nonprofit Cloud Product Owner at Prolocity, where she leads implementations for organizations tackling pressing social issues like food insecurity, poverty, and homelessness. With an extensive background in working with nonprofit organizations, she specializes in program management and case management for social services agencies. Tara believes in the transformative power of technology to create positive change and is committed to leveraging Salesforce solutions to enhance efficiency and impact. Additionally, she volunteers her time with the Salesforce.org Commons Community, developing best practices and guidance for nonprofits using Nonprofit Cloud.


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