Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release: What You Need To Know

The following dates are the schedule for the Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release:

Key Release Dates '22


  • December 16, 2021: Pre-release org signup
  • December 22, 2021: Release notes available
  • January 7, 2022: Sandbox preview starts, release site available, and release Trailhead module launches
  • January 10, 2022: Release overview deck and feature matrix available
  • January 14, 2022: Release weekend
  • February 4, 2022: Release weekend
  • February 11, 2022: Release weekend
  • February 4-11, 2022: Release Readiness Live

If you work in Sales or Marketing while utilizing all that Salesforce has to offer, you’re going to see some major upgrades and changes following the Spring ‘22 Release. Not only will the way we work evolve and change, but some items will even “flow” better.

Many user-friendly design upgrades are coming to Pardot. With new integrations and feature upgrades, Pardot will become easier to master for even the most novice of users. New dashboards for Sales teams will improve goal management and execution and some bais communication upgrades will enable teams to work more efficiently.


In the previous release, Pardot users gained the ability to use Lighting Email Content in Engagement Studio, allowing for more automation. With the new Spring ‘22 release, users will be able to push emails from Lighting Experience into automation rules and completion actions! This will be very similar to using Engagement Studio.

In this update, Marketing teams will be able to control what templates are made available to the Sales team. Be it Pardot or Lighting Email Templates, what email drafts or “ ideas in the works” can be maintained securely without the accidental edit or change by a fellow colleague. 


If you’re using Engagement Studio, you’re in good hands. But if you rely on any Pardot Drip Campaigns, you’re soon going to be in a bind. In the upcoming Summer ‘22 Release, Salesforce will be retiring all Drip Campaigns. If you never used Drip Campaigns, no need to fret, the option was removed in the previous release.


Pardot Lighting Landing Page Builder

If you use Pardot Forms, your design needs are going to finally be met without having to jump into coding. Now you will be able to apply different fonts, colors, margins, and more to your Pardot Forms. This can be found on the Style Tab where you will find various options for customizing and branding your forms.

Not to mention, the handy drag and drop feature that came to Pardot in the last release will now be in prebuilt templates within The Lighting Landing Page Builder. You will be able to drag and drop items to fully develop your landing page to your liking with ease!

Source: Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release Notes


Separate from Pardot, you can’t have a release without an update to Salesforce Flow. As we’ve said before, we’re big fans of this automation tool. With the update, Flow Elements can be placed automatically with Auto-Layout. The spacing, connections, and alignment will bring you visual peace of mind! You can even visualize your Record-Triggered Flows in one centralized place. This way you can see the entire process step by step of when an opportunity record is changed or updated or how a record is created or updated when corresponding with a trigger.

Flow Builder

Click Select Elements (1), and then click Select element icon on each desired element (2). To copy the elements, click Copy elements icon (3). To paste, click Add element icon in the desired location, and click Paste Copied Elements.

Source: Flow Builder



Acting as a Sales Manager’s best friend, the Revenue Intelligence tool will help strengthen pipelines, enhance forecast accuracy and create more revenue. Available at an additional cost to Enterprise and Unlimited edition Sales Cloud users, the new dashboards include Overview, Team Performance, and Sales Performance and will act as a window into what’s working and what areas may need improvement. Here you will be able to monitor critical information for tracking and meeting quotas, opportunity movement, and if trends are moving up or down. Easily view average win rates, how many days to close, and the average size of your sales. Keeping track of your Sales team has never been easier!

Revenue Intelligence

The chart shows pipeline changes beginning from the date that you select to the present day. To highlight the changes related to that forecast category, click a band in the chart. The list below the chart also updates to show opportunities related to your selection.

Source: Revenue Intelligence


Prolocity made the switch to Slack in 2021 and has never looked back! Now with Slack Huddles, those spontaneous moments in the office that we’re all missing are possible again. This new tool gives the ability to have quick and informal discussions with audio and screen sharing capabilities. Since not many of us are stopping by a team member’s desk for a quick check-in, this makes staying in the know easier and more effortless.

As always we are excited to witness and monitor the improvements that occur following a new release. As these are only a few improvements mentioned, the full list can be found on the Salesforce Release Notes page here.


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