Salesforce takes mobility to a whole new level with Apple’s newest gadget of 2015: Apple Watch

Did you hear about the cool new gadget of 2015 from Apple last week? Salesforce takes mobility to a whole new level with Apple’s newest gadget, the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch is coming April 24, 2015!  It’s the newest device Apple has created making the user’s relationship to technology closer because it can be worn.

Imagine all the things you do on your phone, now imagine all of that can be done from your wrist! We have come a long way with technology. We are living in the days of cartoons such as The Jetson’s and comics like Dick Tracy. Back then we could only dream of calling a friend from our watch. That dream and then some has come true. You can call, email, text, monitor your exercise and workouts and much more with the flick of your wrist and a few taps.

Salesforce (top CRM software) announced they will have Salesforce1 Mobile App for the Apple Watch. Statistics show 68% of executives call wearables a “priority” for their companies, according to Forrester Research, so this marriage with Apple can really help. Waiting on a top deal to close? You can get an alert when it happens.

You can explore data, analytics, take actions with dashboards, and receive alerts if a critical case is escalated. A swipe here, and a tap there, and you have tons of your business information in real-time all right there on your wrist.

You might be wondering why would you need a watch to do all these functions if you have a phone, but there are times you need your hands free and a watch definitely keeps it simple. Plus it’s really cool! So check out the Salesforce for Apple Watch Demo below…

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