Salesforce Winter ’22 Release

Now that we’ve had some time to learn and explore Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release improvements, check out what we believe to be the top six most impactful features. 

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Announced in February 2021, all customers will soon have to enable a Multi-Factor Authentication for their Salesforce Products. Available at no extra cost, this will begin on February 1, 2022, allowing for an additional layer of safety and security for your business. Similar to how many of us interact with our banking apps or online tax platforms, an MFA requires users to prove who they are by providing at least two pieces of evidence or “factors” when they attempt to log in. This can be done via email, text message, or even a phone call. Another option available will be for a user to use the Salesforce Authenticator app on a mobile device.

Dynamic Gauge

Dynamic Gauge Charts have been a long time coming. Report metrics and field values can now respond dynamically within an easy-to-read gage. Tracking your organization’s KPIs is made easier whereas previously, a specific goal had to be static. The new Dynamic mode allows users to compare report metrics with a numeric field from another record. (Users must ensure that their source reports are set up with the matching variables and filters reflected within the same chart.)


Email Template

Now it is easier than ever to customize your email templates to drive a higher engagement rate amongst clients and customers. Prebuilt rows and columns are available to add to your email templates, along with custom column padding, and the ability to create longer subject lines.

This update can also be used in
Pardot, further unifying Pardot with Salesforce. Within Pardot, you can send a list email, or create a record that is an email content record, with your newly created email template. Your new email template designs can be used within your Journey Builder as an automated email for a completion action or used as an autoresponder. Up until recently, users were unable to use the same email template within Pardot.

Additionally, the new update provides a pilot program where Salesforce users to send list emails through an external server such as Gmail or Office 365. Aside from boosting open rates, sent messages can be saved in a user's folder where they can be reviewed and organized.

New Home Page for Salesforce Mobile

Android and IOS users can now enjoy a new home page with customized “cards” that make on-the-go productivity as easy as a quick swipe and glance.

Slack Notification Completion Actions (Beta)

Pardot Extensibility Enhancements: Your Slack app is now able to connect to Pardot. With a Slack connection in Pardot, Slack channels can be selected/deselected and Slack notifications appear as a completion action option. This will keep your team informed and prevent lead notifications from ever going unnoticed.

Your Account App

With the new Your Account App, Admins have access to all subscription components of their account. Here you can:

  • Review your current products
  • Add new product and license counts
  • Review invoices, orders, and statements
  • Update billing information
  • Contact your Salesforce Account Executive Your Account App

For more information on the Salesforce Winter ‘22 Release, view the Release Notes.


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