Service Automation

Manage Projects and Service Operations in the Cloud

Service automation solutions that enable seamless integration with marketing, sales, and accounting.

Many service-based businesses are challenged with inefficient processes, revenue leakage, customer satisfaction issues, and a general lack of visibility into operational performance. Our project management and service automation solutions focus on optimizing efficiency while providing real-time visibility. We are experts at streamlining and automating project management and service delivery processes. Our consultants combine proven best practices with today’s most powerful automation tools to transform your service operations into a finely oiled machine.

Our Approach to Delivering Service Automation

Prolocity has developed a proven methodology and repeatable processes for implementing cloud-based project management and service operations automation tools. We combine the best-in-class project management platforms and service delivery best practices with your unique service offerings to create a winning combination. Our Cloud Strategy, Implementation, and Optimization services are designed to deliver results and maximize your return on investment.