Streamline Your Sales Process with Salesforce Lightning Sales Path

Salesforce Lightning creates an enhanced sales experience with the rollout of Sales Path. Sales Path brings two features to Salesforce that were previously only available on Salesforce1:  top-level visibility and a customizable sales process. When utilized, these features provide a clear picture of opportunity advancement and simplify the daunting task of managing your pipeline.

Top-Level Visibility  

Sales Path provides top-level visibility by creating a visual path of each opportunity. Sales Path breaks every opportunity into individual stages.  Each stage provides a summary of the applicable fields, activities, and account information. This allows the user to focus on the actions needed to move the deal along. Additionally, several tools are available that provide assistance without navigating to another screen. These tools include the ability to access notes, attachments, call logs, and emails on the same screen. 

Customizable Sales Process

Sales Path also provides a customizable sales process. The customizable sales process allows you to regulate the order and content of stages used to close deals. Each opportunity will go through the same Sales Path to create consistency across the board.  The ability to customize doesn’t stop there. Sales Path also allows you to add guidance per stage to give your sales reps tips and tricks for moving to the next stage. 

Whether you have one sales process or several, Sales Path has you covered. Not only can you customize Sales Path to fit your needs, but you can create additional Sales Paths to accommodate different sales processes as needed. There is even capability to have one Sales Path per each opportunity record for even more flexibility. This allows for greater user adoption as the process can be clearly defined and easy to use. 

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