If you had to summarize Salesforce in just one word, what would it be?

As Salesforce partners, Prolocity is always looking for ways to enhance customer experience. This week, Prolocity asked their staff what word they would use to summarize Salesforce. The responses were overwhelmingly positive and highlight the benefits of Salesforce.

If you had to summarize Salesforce in just one word, what would it be? I asked several colleagues this question. While they had trouble narrowing it down to just one word, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Here are a few highlights of the descriptions used.



Game-changing – the word that came up most when I asked colleagues to summarize Salesforce. Even Salesforce competitors can’t argue with this one. Thinking back to 1998, the year before Salesforce was founded, it was the era of floppy disks and memory sticks. Businesses had to rely on local networks and needed dedicated IT staff for troubleshooting. While this was an ok to run a business, it could have been better. Salesforce recognized this and decided to change the game. They removed the need for local networks by creating a platform that can be run wherever internet is available. Salesforce also changed the game for IT staff. Instead of spending time getting a network up-and-running again or managing downtimes, IT staff can focus on improving their business’ technology. Businesses can reduce interruption thanks to Salesforce.


Another word that came up a lot when I asked colleagues to summarize Salesforce was scalable. This one comes as no shock. Before Salesforce, entrepreneurs had to estimate their growth capacity as an upfront cost. Servers and software had to be purchased to meet the current and future business needs. If for some reason a business grew faster than anticipated, they would have to upgrade their system for an additional cost. Salesforce recognized this as a problem and wanted to create something more scalable. The current platform allows business’ to run everything in one place whether they have 1 or 1,000 employees. This allows companies the ability to startup with minimal costs and allow them to focus funds elsewhere. The Salesforce company is built for growth itself; they have a sophisticated monitoring system that allows them to anticipate growth and add expansions as needed


The last word that my colleagues used to summarize Salesforce was innovative. This is another word that would be hard to argue. Salesforce is constantly changing and making improvements to better themselves and the business world. They innovate internally by filling gaps such as the women’s equal pay movement. Externally, they innovate by improving the platform and services they offer. Salesforce innovation efforts have caught the attention of others as they have been named one of the Most Innovative Companies by Forbes 6 years in a row.

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