Summer 22′ Salesforce Release

Three times a year, Salesforce introduces updates, new products, and features, most often for little to no cost. From your internal admin to your customers on the other side, there are new benefits for everyone. We’ve compiled some of our favorite new features and why they should matter to you!



If you have used “Picklists” before, users will copy and paste a long list, and if you have a duplicate, an error will occur. Simply put, it's irritating, and trying to hunt down the duplicate is even more frustrating. Well, that's a thing of the past! Now, Salesforce will actually come out and tell you what the duplicate is. For those living in reports, it's a pretty big deal. You will need to opt in from the Picklist Settings page in Setup. Salesforce has some further instructions here.

Customize and Filter Related Lists in Lightning App Builder
Say you’re looking at one of your contact records in your Salesforce instance. Contacts are all related to opportunities, projects, accounts, etc. Those relationships are displayed on the record through a corresponding list. The problem up until now, there was no way to filter that list.

Reports and Dashboards

Dashboards serving a single source of truth is a real luxury.
Now you can limit results in Tabular Reports. If you are a nonprofit, you can easily locate and show your top 10 donors. This feature is a really big “nice to have” for admins and makes exporting a lot cleaner. Showing the admins a little extra love in this release, Salesforce made it easier to create reports based on selected Salesforce objects which in turn saves time and resources when generating critical reports.

Salesforce Cloud Integrations for Slack

There are new integrations with Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Service Cloud that bring Salesforce data and tools right to your team's conversations they’re already having in Slack. Now chats can bring more data and tools to the table-making conversations more customer-centric and action-oriented. Not a member of Slack yet? You’re missing out on a communication tool that has changed the game for organizations of all sizes.

Improvements for Nonprofits

Experience Cloud for Nonprofits Enhancement: Increase engagement with your donors and reduce staff time with the new donor portal in Experience Cloud. This portal now allows your donors to access data to look up their donation history and see all of their donations for a given time period, such as a tax year. 

External Reviews: Accelerate funding decisions by efficiently gathering input from external stakeholders. Grants managers can now speed up decision-making on funding requests. Now, external stakeholders can easily provide feedback on applications.   

Elevate Enhancements:
You can now engage with lapsed donors with automated communications. This enhancement allows users to identify recurring donors and automate communications when regular donations fail. You can also now choose to now have an “other” amount listed instead of a minimum or maximum amount for donors to choose from. Finally, you are able to redirect a donor to a custom thank you page rather than the standard elevated page. 


Improvements for Health and Life Sciences

Unified Health Scoring. It's now easier to have a holistic view of patients and their health. Organizations can view the clinical and non-clinical factors of a patient from their medical, social, demographic, and behavioral data compiled in one profile. Watch the Demo here.

Care Coordination for Slack
Another benefit of using Slack is having the ability to leverage Health Cloud with Slack to more efficiently manage the quality of care provided to patients. Care coordinators can improve outcomes and reduce readmissions by arranging care transitions for their patients and members.

Patient Timeline Enhancement
Clinicians can quickly evaluate and accurately track patients with an interactive, chronological view of past and future patient events. Understanding the patient's present health status to help formulate a provisional diagnosis is key in saving time for everyone.

Intelligent Sales Enhancements
New insights into the expiration dates of products will lead to reducing write-offs.
Sales representatives can quickly and easily take proactive steps to reduce product expirations by providing visibility into expiring field inventory.


Improvements for Sales

Forecasting Enhancements Tailor forecast categories to align with your business model. Now, there are expanded custom filters in the forecast category set up to support all currency and numeric fields. For example, create forecast categories by revenue bands such as $0-$100K, $100K-$1M, and > $1M. And re-label categories based on how you run your business; for example, re-label Best Case to Upside.

Subscription Management
Empower your B2B customers to manage and monetize their subscription businesses across any self-service channels The new API-first design and intuitive setup experience enable admin users to integrate Subscription Management into any app and deliver a frictionless buying experience for their customers

Sales Cloud for Slack
Slack and Sales Cloud is a no-brainer! The Slack app seamlessly connects with Sales Cloud and Slack workspaces to surface important Sales Cloud in the channels where sales teams are already working. Centralize the selling conversation and automatically notify the team about an important opportunity or account updates in Salesforce-linked channels. The Notification Wizard allows individuals to customize their alerts to their needs. Surface important deals—whether they're new or just closed—to managers in personalized Slack channels so nothing falls through the cracks.

Revenue Intelligence Enhancements
Revenue Insights dashboards are now available for Sales Cloud customers who do not use collaborative forecasting. Users can now easily understand the health of their business with revenue insights dashboards and performance dashboards regardless of what type of forecasting they use. Overview dashboards can show rollups based on forecast category or opportunity records. Users can also access other dashboards, including Team Performance and Sales Performance. These enhancements are now available for Financial Services Cloud, Communications Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, and Consumer Goods Cloud.

Meeting Follow Ups
Improve opportunity health by never missing a meeting follow-up. Notify reps on post-call actions like sending an email, scheduling a meeting, or other relevant next steps based on the call insights such as questions that were asked in the meeting that need attention. 

There are so many new features and improvements with the 2022 Summer Release that we couldn’t possibly cover them all! To stay up to state and discover for yourself, check out the full release note from Salesforce. 



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