Take Your Salesforce CRM to the Next Level With Desk.com Customer Support

Take your Salesforce CRM to the next level with Desk.com customer support. Desk.com is a customer support app designed for speed, ease of use, and scalability with all the support needs that a company may have. With Desk.com your company can provide customer service on every channel without ever skipping a beat. The app includes productivity tools, easy to manage knowledge base, intuitive reports, and dashboards, & a cutting-edge mobile app.

The best part…you can be up and running with Desk.com in a matter of minutes/hours, not weeks or months. Connect your social media, email, phone, discussion boards, etc. to Desk.com and manage multiple channels in one place. Never again do you have to worry about seeing a support issue when it’s too late. Your support team can communicate with customers in real-time on a platform that will grow with the needs of your business.

With Desk.com your customers also have the ability to self serve. Create a branded self-service site that allows customers to solve their own problems and make it easy for them to find answers or check their own case status. You also get multi-brand support so customers know right where to go for help with their specific needs. Whether you have multiple product lines or service offerings, customers always get routed to the right support. Additionally, your support team & customers will have access to Knowledge Base, so consistent & correct information is always just a couple of clicks away.

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