The Fast Lane To Success

 Our team members are our greatest asset and one of our core pillars is the ongoing development of our team members. Prolocity’s TAP program offers the opportunity to skill up on Salesforce by completing guided learning paths to obtain certifications. TAP provides in-depth training for general consulting/soft skills as well as Prolocity's Project Methodology. TAP members gain practical experience and see the processes in action by being paired with experienced consultants on projects. This takes place in many ways for both tenured and less tenured consultants and this is how we continue to elevate our entire team. With the TAP program, you can grow and develop skill sets leading to the most rewarding career of your life.

1 . Shadow

TAP members first have the ability to observe and learn Prolocity project methodology and develop skills related to leading discovery, business analysis, prototyping, leading client meetings, project management, etc.

2 . Build Assist

With the fundamentals in place, our TAP members are set up to support their team members on projects. Here they can contribute as they continue to learn and grow.

3 . PM/BA

Once the TAP member has had the opportunity to shadow and play a build assist role, they will be assigned to projects in a PM/BA capacity. This is a natural evolution and the objective is to have the TAP member play a more active role, owning specific work on the project.

4 . Take Off

Now that the TAP member has had thorough time to learn and hone in on required skills, it is time to graduate from the program, join a practice team and shine!

Think we're a match?

Have you been a Salesforce Admin for a year or more?

Have you obtained your Salesforce Admin Certification?

Do you have 1-3 years of business analyst exerience?

Are you passionate about technology, learning new things, and endless career opportunities?

If you say “yes” to the above please check out our careers page!



“TAP helped me to accelerate my knowledge and skill base exponentially, in a very short amount of time. Watching and learning from my coworkers and the TAP team members was probably the most powerful aspect of the process. I feel like my critical thinking has become sharper and more poignant, due to both an improvement in my Salesforce abilities and being surrounded by such talent. It's exciting to be surrounded by so many skilled consultants because I believe that's the quickest way to grow. It makes me very excited about the future as a part of this team--if I've grown this much in 3 months, how will I feel after a year, 2 years, etc?!”

- Kory Hale, Prolocity Cloud Consultant


“The TAP program was really helpful for me to transition into a full-time consultant role. I have learned a ton. I deepened my experience with specific products/features like Program Management Module and Nonprofit Cloud Case Management, document generation tools, ClickDeploy, and especially Flow. I know that I'm providing even stronger work now having had this experience. Being on TAP also creates space to ask questions and learn.”

- Charlie Herrmann, Prolocity Cloud Consultant

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