Team Member Appreciation Day 2022

At Prolocity, we are dedicated to putting People-First in everything we do. To help support this People-First vision, every year we plan a Team Member Appreciation Day that will be even more memorable than the last. The Prolocity family couldn’t be more deserving of a day to spend celebrating them and their growth. This year, our team gathered together for the PROlympics!

Who doesn’t love a little competition? Throw in decade-themed teams and costumes, and you have a real party. This year's theme of PROlympics (get it, Prolocity + Olympics) got our team members together from across the country to playfully compete for GOLD! 

Hosted near our headquarters, Covington Yard served to be the perfect destination to host a day full of games, rich food, and delicious cocktails. Our first round of games was a charity race where our teams built 150 sets of crafting kits for children staying at Ronald McDonald House. Next we opened up the bar and epic rounds of Flip-Cup ensued. Then it was time for lunch!

Our team refueled while we had guest speakers from Northwestern Mutual share information about financial literacy and planning for retirement.  Growing our personal "nest-egg" is an important part of ensuring long-term financial security for ourselves and our families. With that being said, we learned more about how the retirement savings decisions each of us make today will shape our financial security into the future.

Laughs and smiles continued into the event, “Celebrity.” Here our team took 3 rounds of guessing celebrities through different versions of charades. One round of only words, then only acting, and finally using one word at a time. We were rolling by the end of it! How many different ways can you act out Leonardo Dicaprio, Beyonce, and Martha Stewart and not laugh until your ribs hurt? 

It was time to stretch those legs and work off the savory lunch from Talons. The final event consisted of a custom scavenger hunt around Covington and Downtown Cincinnati produced by City Hunt.

*Drum Roll Please* The end of the day commenced with a medal ceremony for our winning teams. Handing out bronze, silver, and gold medals, the leading team ultimately was Team 80’s!  (who’s chant still rings in our ears: “I wanna rock…ROCK!).  Thanks to our entire team for a fun, lively day, and congratulations to Team 80’s, this year’s PROlympics Champion!

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