Top 3 Reasons Salesforce Implementations Fail and How to Avoid Them

You don’t have to look hard to see the benefits of implementing Salesforce into your business. However, even some of the most laid-out Salesforce Implementations have failed. The top three reasons Salesforce Implementations fail are usually the result of inadequate or no Salesforce training, lack of support from key players, and resistance to change. It would be tragic to spend time and money on something that ultimately doesn’t add value. Don’t fall victim to these pitfalls and make the most of your investment.

Inadequate or No Salesforce Training

The first reason Salesforce Implementations fail is due to inadequate or no Salesforce training. You wouldn’t buy a car without learning to drive; your technology should be no different. If you made the decision to spend money on implementing Salesforce, it is important to recognize that time must also be spent to get the highest possible return on investment. Training after Salesforce has been implemented is essential to utilize all possibilities available.

Lack of Support from Key Players

Not identifying a key player is the second reason a Salesforce implementation will fail. A leader needs to be established in order to manage employee accountability. All employees who will utilize Salesforce need to be present and engaged during the implementation process. Indifferent or absent employees are often less motivated to use Salesforce after implementation. Without a leader cultivating the culture that Salesforce is a one-stop application, employees may not see the value or vision added.

Resistance to Change

The third reason Salesforce Implementations fail is the result of employees not embracing the solution. One person resisting the change not only derails process improvement, but it also creates risk for corrupt data. To leverage these individuals, don’t just tell them the benefits of the changes, show them. Demonstrate the ease-of-use, efficiency, and enhancements to win them over. Seeing it first hand will help dissolve any argument for resisting the change.

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