TrailblazerDX 2024

TrailblazerDX recently took place and our very own Ryan Rucker was chosen to attend in San Francisco at the Salesforce headquarters. This event is the pinnacle of Salesforce innovation! Unlike Dreamforce, which caters to a broad audience, TrailblazerDX is exclusively designed for developers, administrators, architects, community influencers, and IT leaders actively shaping the Salesforce platform. Together they dive deep into technical intricacies with immersive feature demonstrations, product roadmaps, and groundbreaking announcements – a true haven for Salesforce Trailblazers.

With a meticulously organized agenda featuring five distinct tracks – Developer, Admin, Architect, Community & Ecosystem, and IT Leader – TrailblazerDX offers specialized insights and strategies tailored to each audience. TrailblazerDX isn't just an event; it's a transformative journey for those leading the charge in Salesforce innovation. Read what key takeaways Ryan shared after his experience!



EaRyan Rucker and Salesforcerlier this month I had an opportunity to spend the week in San Francisco attending TrailblazerDX and boot camps hosted by Salesforce. Below is a recap of the biggest takeaways from the week.


The focus of TDX largely revolved around the latest generative AI advancements built upon the Einstein 1 platform, notably Einstein Copilot and Prompt Builder. Prompt Builder serves as a generative AI tool enabling the creation of reusable prompts to enhance efficiency. For instance, if you have a volunteer workforce arriving the next day to work outdoors, Prompt Builder can aid in drafting a reminder email inclusive of the weather forecast to be sent out to those volunteers. Meanwhile, Copilot functions as a generative AI assistant leveraging prompts generated in Prompt Builder to elevate productivity. Queries typically requiring report creation can now be addressed through natural language interaction. For instance, you could task Copilot with providing the names of your top 20 donors from the past 2 years, and it would promptly generate a response. The power of these innovations comes from the multiple large language models that they employ as well as them being grounded in your own data. At TDX I was able to participate in hands-on sessions utilizing both of these new products

Data Cloud:

Before TDX officially kicked off, I participated in two all-day workshops,  Data Cloud Developer Boot Camp and Data Cloud Partner Architecture Camp. These sessions allowed me really dig deeply into Data Cloud, understand best practices, and implementation techniques, and patterns. I also meet with the Product team to review all of the recently released new features and the exciting product roadmap. Data Cloud is part of the foundation of the Einstein 1 platform and is Salesforce’s fastest-growing product. Much of the AI transformations will be based on insights from Data Cloud. From a nonprofit perspective, Data Cloud really excels at handling complex data at high volumes. For example, a nonprofit organization may have hundreds of thousands of client participation metrics in a third-party system. Instead of pulling of of that data into Salesforce as records, Data Cloud can be leveraged to connect and provide insights without loading the actual data in Salesforce.

Trailblazer DX 2024

The first ever Partner Data Cloud Developer Camp was held this year! This camp provided an opportunity to get hands on experience with the newest innovations in Data Cloud

Marketing Cloud Growth Edition

(link to our blog post): On the last day of TDX, I had the opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with members of the Marketing Cloud product team over lunch to discuss the new product. Marketing Cloud Growth is the first marketing product Salesforce has built natively on the Einstein 1 platform. It was specifically built with small businesses and nonprofits in mind. Unlike the other Marketing Cloud products, Growth Edition is simplified and streamlined and is built on the same Lightning experience as the rest of Salesforce’s core products.


TDX continued to showcase the growth and expansion of automation capabilities of flow. Flow is at the center of the advancements in Data Cloud with Data Cloud- Triggered Flow and AI with Template-Triggered Prompt Flow. Screen flows continue to get more features such as the ability to be reactive and contain repeaters sections. The ongoing focus on enhancing user experience and automation ensures that flow evolves to meet the needs of users, offering increased flexibility and functionality.

In conclusion, my experience at Trailblazer DX provided invaluable insights into the developments shaping the Salesforce ecosystem. From the groundbreaking advancements in AI with Einstein Copilot and Prompt Builder to the foundational role of Data Cloud in driving AI transformations, and the streamlined accessibility of Marketing Cloud Growth Edition, TDX illuminated the path forward for organizations seeking to leverage technology for growth and impact on communities served. Amidst the rapid pace of innovation, it's crucial to remain focused on the ultimate organizational outcomes, harnessing the power of improved processes and data to propel toward success in an ever-evolving technological landscape.


About The Author:

Salesforce Consultant

Ryan has over 14 years of experience working in technology across a variety of roles and has 17 technology certifications including 13 Salesforce certifications.  At Prolocity, he leads Salesforce implementation and optimization projects for organizations around the globe. As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), he has an excellent track record of leading technical and non-technical teams toward successful project goals and outcomes. Ryan has experience leading agile development teams and the skill to use multiple methodologies to achieve success. Ryan enjoys using technology to make work/life more efficient and enjoyable. He embraces change and loves implementing new solutions.


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