What is Experience Cloud?

Experience Cloud allows you to build websites, portals and forms faster than ever. Acting as an online portal where donors, volunteers, and clients can securely access data and records in a private or collaborative space to help find answers in one organized location. The real-time collaboration of Chatter is now combined with the ability to share any file, data, or record to keep up in the modern world, including on any mobile device. This is possible now thanks to the Experience Cloud for Nonprofits License. This new and affordable option allows donors to see their own donation history, organize volunteers to engage on a deeper level and assist in furthering the mission of the organization. 

With Experience Cloud, everyone in your organization can streamline key business processes, blending together various offices and departments that ultimately simplify the work needed for your customers and partners. As a result, your donors', participants', and customers’ needs are being met in a quicker manner, and the real work that needs to be completed is done quickly and effectively. Because Experience Cloud is built on Salesforce, employees are left feeling empowered with the resources needed to get work done across various platforms. Third-party systems and data can be directly connected to your Experience Cloud. This allows for transparency and accuracy across all data platforms that may have otherwise felt impossible to synchronize.

No matter the size of your organization, Experience Cloud is scalable to what your business demands. Not to mention the ability to leave IT and coders off your speed dial. The out-of-the-box simplicity of Lightning Experience Builder provides easy-to-use customizable templates for your business that can grow with you. Think, drag-and-drop options that allow for your CRM third-party integrations to be directly placed within your website providing customers access to their secure data while they effortlessly move through any sales or engagement process.

Experience Cloud & The Salesforce Week Of Learning

Prolocity was super excited to participate in the Week of Learning Partner Day with Salesforce. We had great questions asked during our Q&A session and wanted to share our answers with those who couldn’t attend or just wanted a refresher!

Q: How would you recommend handling the migration to enhanced domain coming in summer ’22?
A: Salesforce has a published knowledge article Plan for Salesforce Domain Changes: My Domain and Enhanced Domains - that includes the steps and recommendations for handling the update. Additionally, we recommend joining the Trailblazer Community group - My Domain and Enhanced Domains - for Q&A specific to this topic.

Q: I'm just hearing about Experience Cloud this week! I already have a community membership website built on WordPress, how could Experience Cloud be used in conjunction with my website (or is it meant to be a complete replacement)?
A: The product selection decision starts with identifying the strategy for your organization and defining the requirements you have for your technology solution. It's important to spend the time necessary to validate whether each solution, including Experience Cloud, fulfills the core requirements. After that validation process, it will be important to compare the costs, including ongoing licensing costs, implementation costs, as well as ongoing support costs. Consulting partners, like Prolocity, are equipped to support in this area. Here are some key FAQ's from Salesforce about Experience Cloud, as well as this overview of Nonprofit Cloud details of Experience Cloud.

Q: I am wanting to know what inside scoop is available on the rollout of dynamic forms one can employ inside Sales Cloud, but launching it in an Experience Cloud community would be a game-changer for my institution.
A: Unfortunately, we don't have the inside scoop yet, but we hear ya! Please upvote and have your friends upvote the idea to Enable Dynamic Forms & Dynamic Actions for the Communities interface, and fingers crossed this update will be available soon!

Q: Do you know if it’s possible to “mass” notify everyone immediately when making a post? Currently, users will only receive notifications if they have their settings set to “every post” on their subscription settings

The Announcements feature within a Community Group should notify all members of the group so long as the Email all group members checkbox is enabled when creating the announcement. NOTE: In order to enable that checkbox, a user must have the Send announcement emails System Permission.

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