What is Salesforce M4NGO?

What is M4NGO?  Chances are you’ve heard this latest Salesforce nonprofit buzzword, but what does it mean exactly?  We’re here to give you the download on what we know.

As the nonprofit landscape evolves, it is imperative for organizations to adapt and grow.  This past summer, Salesforce introduced Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits (aka M4NGO). This new package gives nonprofit organizations the ability to see how Marketing Cloud can work for them - with a small initial investment.

The platform gives nonprofits the ability to deliver the right messages, at the right time, to the right users, throughout a campaign. The discounted Marketing Cloud license includes predefined email templates and journeys designed for nonprofit use cases. For example, a way to automate common donor journeys with customized emails to take supporters from the welcome stage to the donation stage, a thank you message, and hopefully on to becoming a recurring donor. 

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With Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, organizations will have access to out-of-the-box templates they can then use to create and deliver email campaigns for subscribers, donors, sustainers, volunteers, and other audiences. Maybe you want to reach out to contact a first-time donor, or to target donors that haven’t given in 2 years. This segmentation is now possible and easier than ever with this Salesforce license.

M4NGO/Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits is a special package for MC that essentially gives nonprofits most of what's included in the "Pro" plan at a rate that's a bit more than the "Basic" plan. The nonprofit plan also includes an enhanced setup wizard, including one bit that will populate several nonprofit-oriented email templates with your logo and URL links. The M4NGO package does not include Journey Builder (Similar to Engagement Studio in Pardot) - users can either upgrade to a higher plan or get quotes for adding ala carte.

As a user of Marketing Cloud Engagement for Nonprofits, you will also have access to Trailheads, the Salesforce online learning platform. Here you can learn techniques that can help you unlock the full power of marketing automation. 

Customization is a Necessary and Affordable Luxury

Users will also have the ability to add their own branding guidelines to the templates available. In just a few clicks, your audience of donors, volunteers, and families will be able to receive all of your communications through an easy-to-set-up supporter journey.

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Engagement such as opens, clicks, and deliverability will be tracked and reported in one synchronized place as well and provide admins a real-time view into how supporters are interacting with content.

The license also offers:

  • Email templates with dynamic content that adapts to a supporter’s interests
  • Common donor journey templates
  • Free add-ons for volunteer management
  • Easy integration with existing Salesforce software
  • Integration with social media and Google Analytics

Need Help?

Prolocity is here to help to ensure you set off on your Marketing Cloud journey in the right direction.  For more information please fill out the form below.


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